Just Get In!


Yesterday I took my daughter to the water park.  Over the last 4 years my husband and I have spent a lot of money on swimming lessons and I was truly looking forward to just sitting in a chair and watching her in the pool.  I’ve worked a lot of hours as well and really needed  the downtime.  My husband decided not to go with us as he wasn’t feeling his best and didn’t see the sense in paying for him to be a spectator.  So I finished my work day and got on the road. 

She was so excited to go.  We just listened to music for the 1 hour ride and she talked and laughed and sang all the way there.  After a long wait in line we went out to the pool.  She wanted the outdoor pool and I had no objections. However, it was closed due to lightning in the area. So, inside we went to experience the wave pool and lazy river etc. 

Things went well for a while but she was so insistent on me swimming with her that I begrudgingly got in the lazy river with her.  First of all the water was a little colder than I would have preferred but I did want to spend time with her so I got in.  The first loop around I tiptoed-attempting to not get my body wet above the waist.  I did my best to avoid the water pouring down over us at certain sections but by the second loop I got poured on.  Lord Jesus it was COLD!  I just hollered!  She laughed.  She’d already become accustomed to the temperature of the water and I was still struggling.  As we continued to go around I started to enjoy it more.  By the 5th or 6th time I was looking forward to the waterfall.  I knew when it was coming.  I knew to look down to keep the water out of my nose and it didn’t feel cold anymore.

Of course you know that got me to thinking. How much time do we waste anticipating something to be bad, knowing deep down on the inside that the sooner you try the sooner you’ll get good at it?  Our perspective makes such a difference at how successful we can be.  My daughter wasn’t discouraged that she couldn’t swim outside because she knew there was more inside and she went for it with everything she had.  Even if it meant that she did it on her own.  She was determined to have what she anticipated.  For a full hour she was so excited to come to a new place and do something exciting.  While I dealt with traffic she stayed pretty happy all the way there.  She did as most kids do by asking the question,” Are we there yet?” but other than that she was a real trooper. 

What if we as believers just went forward knowing that God has a plan for us? That despite how things look on the outside he will make sure we have everything we need.  Moving in faith and knowing that we are not only provided for today but for the future.  The past is over. The future is pending but the present is here.  Live in the present.  Forget the traffic. Forget the issues of the day and just get in.


Matthew 14:29

So He said, ”Come.”  And when Peter had come down out of the boat, he walked on the water to go to Jesus.