Pull the Band-aid off!

The other day my 3 year old daughter was being her usual self playing rough and tumble...and she did just that.  She tumbled and bumped her head.  There was lots of tears and crying -no bruises or bleeding -but once Mom put the band-aid on her forehead (not the actual spot she bumped) all was well.  She continued to play and have fun.  About 2 hours later I said to her," let me take your band-aid off- your boo boo is all healed up".  The very thought of taking off her band-aid made her upset and she not only refused but ran off full speed. 

This got me to thinking...how often we find ourselves "hurt" but are already healed.  We and when I say we I mean me included would much rather run around with this crazy band-aid on our heads thinking we are bleeding to death if not for the band-aid.  God said in his word that we are already healed.  Apparently we do not believe that.  But today I decided that I'm pulling off the band-aid.  I'm facing my fears and I'm putting my trust in God. Today, I've decided to tackle my biggest foe thus far...weight loss.  I plan to blog my thoughts of today but more importantly my thinking of the past so I can pin down what my mental problem is and get this goal reached.  It's not too late.  I'm not too old.  I don't have too much responsibility.  I can and will take a few more selfish moments for myself and get the healthy body back that I deserve. I'm pulling the Band-aid off.  It will hurt at first but after the initial pains I will start to heal.

you are welcome to join me!

just keeping it Cristaclear!