Give me a sign Lord!  How many times have I said that?  I’m not sure but I imagine any of you reading this could understand where I’m coming from.  We come across difficult situations everyday-some worse or better than others but still we have problems to solve.  I often say to myself, “Lord what should I do?” At times I hear His voice clearly other times not. 

The other day I was using a driving app for directions.  Most of the time I know where I’m going but I like the app to let me know how long it’s going to take to get there. I was in traffic at a street light and I found myself looking closer at the map to see if there was a better way to get where I was going with less traffic. As I looked at the actual road there were signs everywhere,” one way, road closed, stop, yield etc.” So, I looked closer at the neighborhood side streets, freeways etc. on my app and kinda got lost as I worked my way through those roads to see if it would help me.  For a second I couldn’t figure out where I was.  I kinda laughed it off and used the “Recenter” button at the bottom of the screen. 

This made me think about all the times that I’ve gotten lost trying to do something or go somewhere and God has already given me the best directions.  He’s given me the way to go and all I have to do is just use it. Recenter.  Stop trying to do things in a way that God has not instructed.  He knows all and sees all right down to what you will be wearing tomorrow.  Let him direct you. Everything will be just fine.  But what if your internal Recenter button isn’t working?  What if you can’t hear the Lord clearly and don’t know what to do? 

When I feel this way I try to slow everything down and think.  I try to focus on God’s word and I shut every other voice off.  Radio-off, TV-off, cell phone- off.  I try to use what I know about God to help me refocus on what to do.  I pray and I wait. If I’m in a situation where someone is waiting for an answer-I punt.  I try to delay the answer if possible and in my mind I’m praying to God.  I ask him to answer for me. Tell me what to say. Interrupt the person with the question so they move on until I can give the answer you would have me to give.  Some questions don’t deserve an answer anyhow.  Maybe that’s the answer.  Jesus certainly didn’t answer his critics so why should I? 

Overall, I do the best I can to hear from the Lord.  Sometimes I fast just to help me think clearly-this helps me to recenter.  I can’t tell anyone what to do but I can tell you that this works well for me.  Reading God’s word helps as well.  Lean to God’s understanding- He will direct your paths. I made it to my destination by the way-God is much better than any phone app!

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and he shall direct your paths.


Just keeping it Cristaclear!  Stay tuned there's more to come!