Crista Clear Inspirations


A multifaceted ministry whose purpose is to inspire, uplift and otherwise encourage the body of Jesus Christ.  Many times, Christians are lost when they should be standing firmly on God’s word.  We get distracted by our surroundings, however these things are supposed to be our stepping stones!  God always provides-ALWAYS.  It may not always come in the format we are looking for but he always provides and instructs us in His way. We just have to keep our ears open to listen and he’ll keep it clear for us to understand.



Crista has been a writer since she was a small girl just learning to spell.  She loved and still loves to read, write poetry and short stories—inspirational thoughts put to paper to lift the soul in Jesus name.  Above all else she has always loved to motivate others to become their best- this makes her the happiest. There’s a joy that can’t be explained when you find someone who needs encouragement and you just so happen to have some to give away. That is the point of cristaclearinspirations. 

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