Rejection, there is no feeling like it. Darkness overcoming the mind, leaving you feeling like you are the only one-that’s what it feels like. Like there’s no one who can relate to you. No one that can understand you. It’s the feeling of being an oddity of nature. Rejection can make a person feel alone in a room full of people. It can give the feeling of sadness just because you are not the same. But I challenge you that this uniqueness is ordained. You are an original. Be an original. You are not rejected. God loves you like no man ever can. He says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. When it says "fearfully" He means extremely or to an awesome degree! Isn't that amazing? In Psalms 139:14 NLT it states," Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! your workmanship is marvelous-how well I know it." We are accepted by Christ! It is His desire that we know how much we are loved. God wouldn't have given his son if He didn't' love us! Live on purpose today. Don't live in Fear....Live Undaunted! Lastly, don't leave anyone behind in this rejection that the world puts on us. Extend the hand of Christ to those who feel rejected. The enemy is busy but MY GOD is Victorious! He CANNOT LOSE! And it is our purpose to Live and abide in Christ! It is our job to lift those who are oppressed...,let's go!

Love you guys! Have a great day