Pack Up!

Lately we’ve been watching storm after storm blow through the lives of people all over the Caribbean and in America.  News footage showing us one person after another carrying as much as they could of their personal belongings to a shelter or wherever they could find refuge.  Some came out with just the clothes on their backs and others had a truckload of items they tried to save.  It got me to thinking about what would be the one thing I should never leave without with the exception of my family of course.  It’s the word of God.  The bible.  This is the one thing that will get you through all the other things.  And in an emergency we should already have the bible packed.  When we pack the word of God in our hearts we can be prepared for everything.  The darkest, biggest or strongest storm can come through and we will be prepared. 

In our daily walk we need to study the word of God more.  I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t study my bible daily like I should. Life gets in the way for me just like it does for you.  However I do make the time to study.  This is something that I don’t regret.  God gives us wisdom for everything we go through.  Sometimes our prayer is for a word from the Lord.  “Lord I need a word”.  We count on Pastors and Bishops to give us all we need to know but it’s not their job to make you learn the bible.  They are pastors. Protectors of the sheep but they cannot make you study your bible.  You have to do that yourself.  You have to want that for yourself. Then when we gather the word comes alive even more than before.

I believe that we should be packing for a storm weather every day.  Pack the word of God in our hearts where it can never be taken away from us. God is always ready to show us more. Teach us more. Require more of us and we should be ready by knowing his voice.  Pack your bible.  In healthcare, I’ve seen lots of sick people over the years.  People on life-support fighting minute by minute for their lives. When you are in a dark place like that you don’t have time to read the word.  You need to already know the word.  That is the time to apply the word.  So, while you still can- Pack up!  Store the word in your heart. You’ll be ready for whatever blows your way.


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God Bless!