I'm Qualified


Recently I came to the realization that I would need a medical procedure. Nothing too complex or anything but still had to have a test or two, see a specialist and schedule the procedure. After speaking with the hospital staff for the first procedure I was told that my portion of the bill would be $600. While, not being pleased that I would need to find some money to pay for this I realized that my insurance was paying the bulk of the cost. Most of you know how common this is. Insurance pays 80% and we pay 20%. In life, I find that we have to be qualified for so many things. We have to get qualified for loans to buy houses or cars, complete pre-requisites to take certain classes in school, take examinations to sit for driver’s licenses or medical licenses, pay our copay in order to receive medical care the list goes on and on. But there is no qualification for the love of Jesus Christ. Isn’t that amazing? Come as you are. Be who you were and let him change you