You Gon Ask For More?


Being in traffic for an hour in the morning and an hour each evening can be taxing.  It’s a part of living here in Atlanta.  A lot of people have long commutes and it’s something you just get used to or you move.  One morning this week I was in traffic for almost 2 hours.  It was bad.  I admit it. but while sitting still and waiting on whatever the holdup was I started texting my good friend.  She’s been struggling with some personal things and I wanted to check on her.  You know just let her I care and I’m concerned.  Anyway, as we talked back and forth about how good God is and how he will move on her behalf I mentioned to her that I wish he’d move this traffic out of my way.  A moment later, she started to pray for me in the traffic.  That God would move it out of my way and allow me to get where I needed to be.  In seconds, it was like the Red Sea opened.  I can’t explain how quickly this happened.  I took off and made it to work within a couple of minutes. I think I only stopped once for one street light.  It reminded me of the scripture found in Matthew 7:7 Ask and keep on asking and it will be given to you; seek and keep on seeking and you will find; knock and keep on knocking and the door will be opened unto you.”   Truly, I hadn’t even asked God for anything.  I could have asked Him myself.  I had just accepted that traffic was bad and there wasn’t anything human I could do about it. But God says that we should ask!  Why don’t we ask?  Do we believe that we don’t deserve more?  He said we could ask—according to His will of course and he is ready and willing to give to us.

My grandparents lived through the depression of 1929.  They were a family with 4 children and my grandfather worked very hard to provide for them.  My grandmother worked at home to raise the children.  She made their clothes and cooked/cleaned etc.  She was one hardworking woman.  In fact, when my grandfather opened a laundry in the garage of their home-she worked there too! I mention this because of a story my aunt has told me over the years.  She said that at the dinner table each evening you had to completely clean your plate before you could ask for more food.  She said she would talk to her brother secretly and ask him, ”You gon ask for mo?  I’m gon ask for mo!”   I find it funny because the situation with God is similar.  God is ready and willing to give us more when we ask for it but we do have an obligation to be responsible with what he has already given us.  We have to be ready for the more before he’s willing to hand it over.  But it starts with the question,” Are you going to ask for more or are you going to settle for the mediocre?  Do you want the minimum of what you can have or do you want All that God has planned for you?  God has so much He wants to give to us.  Just ask.

Some of you say, ”I’ve asked God for this and that and he hasn’t answered yet.”  Where is God when I need him?  I believe God is always there.  His word says that He’ll never leave us or forsake us.  He never sleeps or slumbers.  So, I’m sure he’s listening and has heard your prayer.  When there is no immediate answer the answer is to continue to trust God. Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes its no and sometimes it’s not now.  That’s the part you have to figure out.  There is always purpose in every struggle.