Sound the alarm!

Yesterday I was at my child’s schools for an informative meeting.  The meeting took place prior to school and ended maybe 10 minutes after the official school day had begun.  As usual I stood around talking to someone I knew (she works there) and she told me that they we’re supposed to have a fire drill this morning.  I looked up and there was the assistant principal coming to pull the alarm for the drill.  I said some quick goodbyes to my friend and started for the car.  The alarm sounded as I walked out.  It was very loud-undeniable and needed no explanation as to what it was. 

As I walked to my car I could see all the students leaving the building- quietly and quickly.  They walked with purpose in line and once they were at a safe distance from the school they stood in 2 parallel lines facing the building. The teachers then held up a sign to indicate what class they were from and that all were accounted for.

This got me to thinking. I started to imagine how the students were going about their normal everyday routine when that alarm went off.  The students were not notified that the drill that was going to happen. I could see the children working on their assignments in my mind -like math, or reading a great book or coloring something.  In an instant the alarm goes off. They drop everything and head straight outside.  In the time I leisurely walked to my car- certainly less than 3 minutes-the entire school was outside. I was so impressed.

Earlier this week there was an award show on television.  I didn’t watch the show but the next day at work my colleagues were discussing the attendees and what they were wearing.  Most of the people being discussed were women but they were all dressed like strippers in my opinion.  I’m not sure how much more they could reveal themselves without just completely disrobing. I’m a lover of creativity in what we wear but not one of public nudity.  It is always disturbing to see anyone degrade themselves in this way just because they like the attention or crave the social media likes. I really would like to see this stop-I imagine you do too. As I’ve heard before, “Girls want attention- women want respect.”

Some of these celebrities admit that they do it for the attention. They like being seen as sex symbols. Others appear to need more formal counseling to work through their issues. But when I see things like that I hear God sounding the alarm.  Calling us to come to Him.  Telling us to drop everything and follow Him. Come to Jesus and seek his wisdom in your everyday decisions. Don’t let man tell you how to be but let your Father in heaven. He is our creator and he didn’t create us to become idols to other people. He is the ultimate. In him we can have peace and joy. We can be content in Him.  He is a supplier of all our needs.

When the alarm sounds in your life we need to come out just like the children did.  Drop everything, line up, walk out in order and lift up a sign to say you made it. Your spiritual life depends on it.


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