Will He remember me?

Will they remember me?

I have a friend who has been fighting cancer most of his life.  He’s found ways to make me laugh and cry over the years.  He’s so precious. As precious as teenagers can be. In the last year, however he’s had to be home schooled due to his different procedures and surgeries etc.  Recently he was allowed to come back to school and see his friends.  He wondered and asked his mom,” do you think they’ll remember me?”  He’d been gone most of the school year.  However, when he entered the doors of his school he was greeted with the marching band, cheerleaders, friends lining the hallways all cheering and screaming his name.  They were so happy to see him.  It got me to thinking about something.

Many times, in life people stray away from Christ for different reasons.  We get involved in activities that just won’t go with a Christian lifestyle, we have trouble identifying with the true love Christ has offered us, we just let life get in the way—thinking that everything else is more important than He is.  But at some point in our crazy lives we feel the tug of Christ’s love for us. We know Jesus died for all the sins of the sons and daughters of this world but we still have trouble making a change.  Thinking that maybe we’ve done too much, God doesn’t love me anymore, I’ve committed too many sins, too many wrongs…you say you can’t be forgiven ..but that is totally opposite of God says.  Read your word and know that God loves us despite all our wrong doings.  He patiently waits for us to turn to him instead of looking to the world for affirmation. And when we make the best decision of our lives….He’s there waiting with open arms, angels singing and rejoicing at the mere thought that we have turned our mourning into dancing, our sadness into joy…we’ve exchanged our destination to that of heavenly places and not of the pits of hell.  With one yes to Jesus we’ve turned our lives completely around for the better and God, along with every Christ loving person on this planet rejoices with you. 

When I go to church, I look at all the people there and I know that they struggle just like I do. Everyday can be challenging to just get out of bed in the morning.  But as I live and grow older I know that God’s word is true. God won’t lead me to a place where he won’t sustain me.  He is unable to lie to me…unlike man. And above all else He loves me like no one can.  Not my mother, father, sister, brother or husband.  God doesn’t have to remember me.  He has never forgotten me in the first place.


If you are struggling coming back to the Father, don’t worry and don’t be afraid.  God is waiting for you with open arms and everyone here on earth will rejoice with you also.  He’ll never leave you or forsake you….


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